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Signs on street posts and freeway entrance < Xcure >

Hello. im noticing more and more signs posted all over the street. On the brown power posts, stappeld, it reads "WE WILL BOOST YOUR CREDIT SCORE TO 750 IN 5 WEEKS FOR 350 DOLLARS" and "WE WILL BUY YOUR HOME NO MATTER THE SITUATION CASH"

These are obviously scams. But who am i to say they are scams. So i contacted a few of them. First the "Buy your home cash" one. They were offering me WAY below market value. So i contacted coldwell banker to ask, and they said yes they are scams. They said they've been getting calls from people trying to figure out if it was legit. ITS NOT.

My question is, can i take them down without getting in trouble with the police? i mean is it legal to take these signs off without getting arrested for theft or something? Thanks a lot.

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