Internet Security Wars

Glossary Of Computer And Internet Terms

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First verify that SELinux is enabled.

[root@www ~]# getenforce

You should see something back that looks like

If you see a different result, try:
[root@www ~]# setenforce 1

If you get an error, then you do not have SELinux
turned on. You will need to go to /etc/seliiinux/config
and edit the file to enable SELinux.

Once you turn this on (or turn it off actually) you will
have to reboot the linux server for the chagnes to take
effect because they are done during the kernal loading.

Once SELinux is enabled, do the following

Set SELinux to allow remote connections for HTTP

setsebool -P httpd_can_network_connect=1

That's it.. Your done.... NEXT QUESTION!

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